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Alfa PXP which is made from brown rice, may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers according to the FDA
Brown rice, a 100 percent whole grain food, joins the recognized ranks of healthful whole grains, according to an announcement this week from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that will allow brown rice food labels to bear the whole grain health claim. This will enable consumers to easily identify brown rice as a food to help them increase whole grain consumption and reduce their risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
Consumers can now be on the lookout for brown rice labeled with the FDA whole grain health claim: "Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods and low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers."
FDA's action explicitly extends an existing health claim to include whole grain rice. For the first time, FDA states that all single ingredient whole grain foods qualify for the claim regardless of whether they meet the requirement for a minimum level of dietary fiber, as long as they meet the other general health claim requirements. The dietary fiber requirement was established in 1999 in order to monitor compliance with the claim.
Alfa PXP Increases Cellular Energy (ATP) up to 54 Percent
According to a recent independent study, the same whole grain rice polysaccharides and polypeptides in Alfa PXP was shown to increase cellular energy (ATP) up to 54 percent. Alfa PXP is considered to be a whole food supplement manufactured for Enzacta International LLC of Spring Park, Minnesota, and is a one-of-kind product that utilizes a proprietary process and nanonization technology to deliver essential nutrients directly to the mitochondria – the “powerhouse” of the cell.
According to Robert K. Naviaux, MD, PhD of A Primary Care Physician’s Guide, Mitochondrial biology is one of the fastest growing areas in genetics and medicine, connecting scientific disciplines ranging from embryology to cancer, to infectious disease. Indeed, disturbances in mitochondrial metabolism are now known to play a role not only in rare childhood diseases, but have also been implicated in many common diseases of aging, including heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson disease, and dementia.
Disorders sometime associated with Mitochondrial Dysfunction:
Type 2 diabetes                                  IBS – irritable bowel syndrome
Atherosclerotic heart disease             Epilepsy
Alzheimers                                          Autism
Parkinson                                            Multiple sclerosis
Congestive heart disease                   Migraines
Cancer metastasis                             Early hearing loss
Liver failure                                          Kidney failure
Rheumatoid arthritis                           Systemic lupus
Weight gain                                         High cholesterol
High Blood pressure                           Fatigue / Fibromyalgia
Also a study, conducted by the Royal Thai Army Hospital and College of Medicine in conjunction with PMK Research Center, Bangkok, Thailand, and Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, investigated the protective effect of rice polysaccharides peptides on neuron cells exposed to various neurotoxins. Results of these in vitro studies showed that when neurotoxins were induced, they caused 100 percent cell death and severe damage of dendrites – the fibers extending from the body of the cell. However, when neurons were pretreated with rice polysaccharide peptides, they demonstrated different levels of cell survival and apparent recovery of dendrites from the neurotoxin injuries within 48 hours. This study suggested that there may be a place for rice polysaccharide peptides in the nutritional support of brain related injuries and diseases.
Miquel J. An update on the mitochondrial-DNA mutation hypothesis of cell aging. Mutation Research 275: 209-16, 1992.
Miquel J. An integrated theory of aging as the result of mitochondrial DNA mutation in differentiated cells. Arch Gerontol Geriatr 12: 99-117, 1991.
Miquel J, Economos AC, Fleming J and Johnson JE. Mitochondrial role in cell aging. Exp Gerontol 15: 575-91, 1980.
Mizuno Y, Ikebe S, Hattori N, Nakagawa-Hattori Y, Mochizuki H, Tanaka M and Ozawa Y. Role of mitochondria in the etiology and pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease. Biochima et Biophysica Acta
Concentrated rice polysaccharide peptides in Alfa PXP may help millions of Americans who are suffering from insulin resistance (syndrome X) by increasing ATP (cellular energy) levels.
Rate of Cellular Energy Production Lower in Persons at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes [New Haven, Connecticut, August 2005]
The rate of insulin-stimulated energy production is significantly reduced in the muscles of lean, healthy young adults who have already developed insulin resistance and are at increased risk of developing diabetes later in life, according to a Yale School of Medicine study.
The new research by Gerald Shulman, MD, professor of internal medicine, endocrinology, and senior author of the study, indicates that a decreased ability to burn sugars and fats efficiently is an early and central part of the diabetes problem. The new data also suggest that the basic defect lies within the mitochondria, which are the energy factories inside cells that produce most of the chemical power needed to sustain life.
The young adults studied by the research team are the offspring of parents who have type 2 diabetes, adding support to the idea that the risk can be inherited and that the problem begins well before diabetes symptoms become evident. The researchers observed that the mitochondria in the subjects' muscle cells responded poorly to insulin stimulation. Normal mitochondria react to insulin by boosting production of an energy-carrying molecule, ATP, by 90 percent. But the mitochondria from the insulin-resistant people they tested only boosted ATP production by five percent.
Since concentrated levels of polysaccharides peptides from rice have been shown to increase ATP pools at the cellular level, there may be a place for Alpha PXP in the nutritional support of those who suffer from insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes.
Enzacta Alfa B12
The Sublingual Difference...
Any nutrient is only as powerful as its delivery system - the special way it is formulated to ensure that your body can recognize and absorb it. And that’s the trouble with B12 - it’s just tough for your body to absorb, especially after 40. That’s why doctor’s give B12 injections - to bypass the stomach and ensure that the B12 gets into your bloodstream where it can go to work.
But painful, expensive shots aren’t the only answer. Now, there’s Enzacta’s Alfa Sublingual B12, B6 & Folic Acid - a unique tablet that melts under your tongue, speeding B vitamins to every cell in your body. Whah-la... instant stamina, focus and emotional balance with all the disease-fighting power of B vitamins!
Enzacta Alfa HFi


Our interest in reintroducing humic acid as a vital lost nutrient comes from many studies proving its ability to create a hostile internal environment against a variety of micro-invaders.

Example - In order for a virus to reproduce and make us sick, it must first enter a cell. As long as it stays outside a cell it cannot harm us. This is where our focus begins.

A National Institute of Health (NIH) study implies that humic acid is able to attach to the viral coat, or receptor sites, which are used to attach to a cell.

The NIH study concluded that the patented form of humic acid in our formula had efficacy in supporting the individual against several types of viruses.

Alfa HFI is part of the Enzacta Family of BioReady Nutrients© (BRNs) providing the powerful natural building blocks your body needs.


Enzacta Alfa Energy


Do you ever get tired during the day?
Maybe you're not getting enough Oxygen!

From the most remote and rugged terrain on the globe...

All life on earth is centered in water. The chemistry of life is an aquatic chemistry. Virtually all the chemical reactions for vegetable and animal are related to water. We can live for prolonged periods of time without food, but not without water.

A person interested in maintaining good health appreciates the importance of drinking a continuous abundant amount of pure drinking water.

Each cell of the body requires three things:
Nutrients, The Cleansing of Metabolic Waste and Oxygenation. Without sufficient water to carry out these essential processes of life, the organism will be intoxicated, deteriorate, become ill and die.

The water helps to dissolve and transform our food into nutrients that can be assimilated by the cells. The blood (90% water) takes the nutrients and oxygenates the cells of the body. The toxins and metabolic remainder need to be dissolved and transported by the blood to the lymphatic system, the kidneys and skin for elimination. The electrical messages are transferred through the nerves by means of saturated water cells to all parts of the body (the consistency of the brain is 80% water).

All vital functions depend on water!

Another basic concept of water is the PH balance. PH is the measurement of acidity and alkalinity for the water. This is related to hydrogen ion concentration. The PH scale measures from "0" on the side of extreme acidity to "14" on the side of extreme alkalinity. A liquid solution is considered neutral if its PH is "7".

The water with PH "7" contains equal amounts of hydrogen and oxygen ions. The higher the oxygen level, the more alkaline the water becomes.

A balanced PH is very important for all organisms, any variations can have a Catabolic (decomposition) effect in the cells. When a disease is progressing it demonstrates that the PH is more acid.
Alfa Energy helps to restore a more healthful PH balance.


It Makes a Difference

Alfa Energy: A great technological health development of the 21st century

It is clear that the difference between water and water with healing properties is the tension of the water surface. The fluvial water, water of pipes etc. displays a surface tension of 71-74 dynes. When Alfa Energy is added to water it changes the molecular structure and changes the surface tension to 60 dynes. This will make the water more instant and efficient to act as a nutrient transporter, to decontaminate the cells, hydrate the body and increase the level of oxygen.

Gives us non-stop Energy, Endurance and a Healthier Body.


All the symptoms of aging are caused by a slow dehydration of our vital weaves associated with the damage to the oxidation by free radicals. It does not matter which water we drink, it seems we cannot restrain the inevitable starvation of our vital weaves by the fluid that is everywhere. The water we need for cell hydration is as different from spring water as milk is from apple juice.
Dr Patrick Flanagan, world famous investigator of water.

Drink Better!

In order to help remove and balance the harmful effects of corporal acid, make it a habit to drink daily at least two liters of high quality water. Drink a more instant water that is moderately alkaline. The alkaline water with a PH of 8.4 – 8.7 is recommended to help balance the acidic nature of our diet, life style and their harmful effects. Most prepared and pipe water has a PH level of approximately 6.0

Slowly replace other drinks, especially the acidic ones such as, coffee, tea, spirits, sodas etc. with alkaline water.

When you provide your body with an antioxidant, it is equipped with electrons to neutralize the free radicals and stop their harmful effects. The antioxidant shields the electron molecules from free radicals and maintains them without damage.
Alfa Energy has the ability to donate electrons to free radicals, this action makes it one of the most effective antioxidant available. This gives new meaning to prevention or Anti Aging.


Alfa Energy for Life!

The birthplace of the purest nutrient ever discovered: Enzacta's Alfa Energy, the secret that transforms water and transforms lives. Alfa Energy's ability to transform regular water into structured water, supports your body's ability to:

  • Boosts cellular oxygen levels - structured water has over 50% more oxygen than regular water for instant alertness, energy and stamina all day, and peaceful sleep each night
  • Increases the focus and the ability to be alert
  • Hydrates cells more efficiently
  • Improves metabolic system
  • Removes toxic acids from body more quickly
  • Fortifies immunological system
  • Improves cellular communication
  • Increases nutrient absorption and detoxification - structured water helps break down and deliver nutrients while sweeping away cellular toxins
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Balances body PH levels - elevated acidity levels in the body are associated with almost every degenerative disease - with consistent use, structured water lowers acid levels to fight illness and disease

Discover for yourself the power of structured water with Enzacta's Alfa Energy!

Maximum Cellular Hydration


1. Optimal Nutrient
Alfa Energy assists the body during every stage of nutrient absorption. It's like a nutritional super-booster maximizing the nutrient value of every food and supplement you eat.

2. Pure Brain Food
Alfa Energy has over 50% more oxygen than regular water which means you'll notice a boost in focus and memory. In minutes you'll be sharper and clearer all day, every day!

3. Enhanced Energy and Stamina
With Alfa Energy, you'll not only experience an instant energy surge, you will maintain a natural, healthy energy high all day and you'll avoid the afternoon blahs and caffeine jitters.

4. Metabolic Super-Boost
Alfa Energy boosts your metabolism for healthy weight management, hormone balance and recovery from injury and daily physical and emotional stress.

5. Cellular Hydration and Renewal
With Alfa Energy your cells run at peak efficiency & regenerating all the tissues and organs in your body. Your body is stronger and more efficient, and you look and feel years younger.

6. PH Balance and Immune Strength
When you use Alfa Energy every day, you can actually raise your body's pH, stopping the toxins, free radials, stress and illness that lead to degenerative disease.

7. Daily Detoxification
Structured water flows freely in and out of cells, delivering nutrients and sweeping away toxins before they can build-up and lead to fatigue, illness and disease.


Alfa Energy

It's not just for athletes; it's good for everyone, even kids!





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If you are in any kind of pain, arthritis, injury or ill, then this is something everyone should study and evaluate for themselves as I did.  Simply research the powers of Scalar Fusion Energy Frequencies and remember, accupuncture was considered outside of medicine in America as well at one time.  Nothing needs to be said about results, they are instant in most cases, just see for yourself.